What is an LED filament bulb?

Introducing... LED Filament Lamps

What are LED Filament Bulbs?

It is no secret that light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs are much better than conventional incandescent lamps in that they only use a modest fraction of the electricity. Nevertheless, conventional LED bulbs aren't without their disadvantages such as the complex designs which include an electronic circuit and the hefty aluminum heat sinks. Consequently, the price is not low and the design is somewhat unusual in contrast to the refined incandescent lightbulbs that we are all accustomed to.

Light is emitted in all directions equally and uniformly from four LED filaments, as opposed to focusing it in a particular place the way LED light bulbs do. It features a close similarity with the conventional incandescent light bulb. The aluminum die cast casement is not needed. LED filament lights are perfect for pubs, houses, resorts, restaurants and places where look and timeless fashion is essential.

These bulbs also spread light that is omnidirectional just like a traditional bulb. That is contrary to other LED bulbs offering light in just one direction. While keeping the light spread that is refined and glowing light the high quality light with a comfortable 470 lumens output, is glowing and clear . There's no delay when switching on and all the electronic equipment is nestled inside the screw fitting out of view. The light generated by these lightbulbs is very much like traditional light bulbs yet it does not possess any infrared or ultraviolet radiation and is soft and uniform.

After the regulations that prohibited the sale of traditional bulbs, homeowners will have problems with their chandeliers as LED lights and especially compact fluorescent light bulbs may not fit and lack the ornate look of a traditional filament light bulb. But the LED filament light design allows you to reuse these lighting fixtures that are appealing and old looking.

LED filament lamps are perfect for chandeliers that require a traditional looking bulbLED filament lamps are perfect for chandeliers that require a traditional looking bulb

LED Filament 4w E14 Candle Bulb

LED Filament 4w E14 Candle Bulb

LED Filament 6w B22 Standard Shape Bulb

LED Filament 6w B22 Standard Bulb

LED Filament 4W E27 Golf Ball Bulb

LED Filament 4W E27 Golf Ball Bulb

All LED Filament Bulbs

All LED Filament Bulbs

LED filament bulbs have energy efficiency that are exceptional good and on par with modern LED bulbs. For example, if an LED bulb that uses 4W is selected, it is going to offer the same level of illumination of an incandescent 40W lightbulb - a 90% energy saving = 90% saving on lighting bills!

Long life is a differentiating characteristic of these LEDs. Most bulbs are constructed to last well over 30,000 hours. This prolonged lifespan is improved by a continuous current source that prolongs the life of the lightbulb. Therefore, the price should be considered a long term investment of over 30 years. That's why Light Rabbit are able to provide market leading warrenties. The LED filament bulb is typically used in areas where incandescent bulbs have been used. For example, it's used in homes but also in commercial environments such as restaurants, hotels and bars - typically places where creating an atmosphere is important. They're perfect for creating an extremely nice feeling in bedrooms or sitting rooms. Our LED filament chandeliers bulbs are particularly nice in ornamental and cosmetic lighting fixtures.

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