Lightrabbits Global Action Plan and the Big Energy Race

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Dearest Customers,

We sometimes forget the difference we are making to our local communities with our day to day jobs.

By selling LED’s we are making a huge difference to our customers pockets and more importantly to the world we live in. More and more countries across the world are launching initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint and we at LightRabbit are playing a part.

If we sell one million bulbs then we will save our customers over £4,000,000.00, it also saves over 3400 tonnes of carbon emissions, some may say that’s a good enough reason to succeed in what we're doing.

LightRabbit has decided to take that one step further by supporting one of the leading energy charities in the UK called Global Action Plan . Our first initiative is a campaign to help communities reduce their energy bills at the Big Energy Race.

LightRabbit is proud to be a supporter of local communnities and will be taking part in further initiatives over the years.



The LightRabbit Team

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