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Éclairage Plafond LED

Eclairage Plafond LED et ses accessoires par LightRabbit®

Lightabbit® stocke une vaste  of LED Ceiling lights & LED ceiling light fittings for bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms. Find modern LED mood lighting, recessed LED lights and LED Dimmable lighting in our range of ceiling LED lighting... Browse our specific LED Kitchen lighting and LED Bathroom lights, LED Bedroom Lighting or LED Living-room Lighting here online.

Be sure to check the guide to LED ceiling light fixtures and fittings or choose your LED light base with our Base Selector Guide Here. If in doubt about the fittings, please contact the Light Rabbit team directly for further information on product direction and application.

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Customer Reviews


Dimmable Ceiling LED Lights for the Kitchen and Bathroom

All of our LED ceiling lights are designed to fit seamlessly into the modern home environment. We stock a huge number of ceiling LED lights to meet the demands of the modern home, with a range of bulb styles and fittings to fit any existing light fixtures you have. Our LED ceiling lights also come in a range of wattages producing different levels of brightness to suit any room. With the options for recessed ceiling LED lights and dimmable lighting across many of our products, the only way you’ll notice your new ceiling LED lights is through your newly reduced energy bills.

Using LED ceiling lights can give your house a fresh and modern look which we’re sure you will find beneficial with a cleaner and crisper light source. If you prefer it is now possible to use coloured beams in your household as many modern LED ceiling lights are now available in a variety of different shades plus dimmable ceiling lights allow you create a different ambience in all of your favourite rooms.

Modern LED Light Bulbs

Here at Light rabbit we supply LED ceiling lights that are all of high quality and available at competitive prices. Where you only require a single bulb or a line fixture, we’ve got you covered. Be sure to check our guide to LED ceiling light fixtures and fittings or choose your LED light base with our base selector guide. If you have any questions about the fittings for our LED ceiling lights, make sure you contact a member of our team on 0203 327 2931 today.

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