Barre Lumineuse LED

La barre lumineuse LED Lightwell® utilise un nouveau système à la pointe de la technologie pour éclairer vos armoires, vos meubles de rangement de votre cuisine, les présentoirs etc... La barre LED mesure seulement 9 mm de haut, ce qui facilite la dissimulation de cette bande LED, et se compose de diodes 3014 SMD LED qui ne nécessitent que 3 watts de puissance par 300mm, vous fournissant ainsi 220 lumens de luminosité et un très bon rapport coût-efficacité et une solution d'éclairage économique.

Pour plus d'informations et les guides d'installation, consultez notre page d'inspiration ici.

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    • 8W
    € 20,68 € 17,23
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    • 8W
    € 15,85 € 13,21 À partir de € 14,28
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    • 8W
    € 20,68 € 17,23 À partir de € 18,62
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    • 30W
    € 14,93 € 12,44
    À partir de € 11,17
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    • 50W
    € 22,98 € 19,15
    À partir de € 15,60
    • Replaces
    • 100W
    € 40,22
    As low as € 40,22 € 33,52
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    À partir de € 3,11
  2. € 2,69 € 2,24
    À partir de € 2,42

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Lightwell Lightbar

The Lightwell Lightbar allows you to illuminate your kitchen exactly the way you want it, so you can display your cabinets and furnishings perfectly with cost-efficient LED lighting. With super bright lights that use low levels of energy you can make your kitchen greener and brighter, just by investing in Lightwell Lightbars from LightRabbit. View our wide range of items today and make sure you power your kitchen lighting with high quality light bar fixtures.

There are many benefits to LED lighting, including the fact that you will be getting your hands on energy efficient items that use up to 90% less power compared to traditional halogens. You will also be saving a significant amount of money on your energy bills, with the Lightwell Lightbar even paying for itself as the years go by. With such a long lifespan and the fact that you can pick these items up at bargain prices, there’s no need to continue with your old lighting anymore.

Energy Efficient Kitchen Light Bars

With our cost effective kitchen light bars you have a range of options, including mains, switch and PIR. With mains the light bar is powered through a plug-in LED driver or a mains wired driver. With a switch you get the option of having an on/off switch incorporated into the design, and with PIR you get a movement sensor that turns the light on when movement is detected. With so many options you can find exactly what you want right here at LightRabbit, so view our products and make your purchase today.

We’re proud of the great range of items in our store, and we make sure that we’re the number one destination for people who require energy efficient kitchen light bars. With our low prices, commitment to quality and the fact that we won’t rest until you’re happy, it’s no surprise why people keep coming back to us for cost-effective LED lighting. If you’re ever unsure about which item is right for your needs then you can also contact a member of our friendly support team, who will be able to tell you all that you need to know regarding LEDs.

Cost Effective Kitchen Light Bar Fixtures

With cost effective kitchen light bar fixtures there’s no need to head anywhere other than LightRabbit, and we can help you transform the way your kitchen looks. We understand that our customers require quality lighting fixtures that will last them for years to come, and our quality control team ensures that only the very best products are sold in our store. If you would like to know more about Lightwell Lightbars or any of the other LED products in our stores then please don’t hesitate to contact a friendly member of our team today. We’ll be more than happy to talk you through everything and inform you about the best purchase decision for your requirements.

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