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80 Watt LED Transformer / Driver for Powering 12 Volt LED Lighting - Non Dimmable

80 Watt LED Transformer / Driver for Powering 12 Volt LED Lighting - Non Dimmable

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Our 12v 80w LED transformer is used to power lower voltage LED systems and ensures you years of trouble-free lighting. It is Perfect for powering multiple bulbs or strips and has a max load of 6.5 amps.

It uses standard mains input voltage and is IP67 rated (waterproof), making it ideal for use outside in outdoor lighting systems. Check out our IP Ratings Guide It also protects against line-voltage fluctuations.

All LED bulbs require a constant amount of power to work correctly, and although sometimes a normal 12v transformer will work, in a significant amount of cases the lifespan of the bulb has been significantly reduced.

At LightRabbit, customer satisfaction is our Number 1 priority, and we want you to have the best possible experience with LED.

Which is why we recommend installing a transformer that has been tested with LED's to ensure you of the amazing benefits of using LED's, such as the tremendous lifespan that LED lighting can provide, whilst also being environmentally friendly.



Tech Specs
Indice de Protection IP IP67
Dimensions S.O.
Durée de vie 50,000 Hours
Tension d'entrée 220-240v AC
Lumens S.O.
Energy Rating A+
Returns Retour 90 Jours
Warranty Garantie 5 ans
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